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Expertmeeting `Fietshelmgebruik door jonge kinderen in Nederland', gehouden op 7 november 2002.
C 24367 [electronic version only]
Vriend, I. Hertog, P.C. den Stam, C. Goldenbeld, C. Schaalma, H. Volkstedt, I. & Eck, S. van
Amsterdam, Stichting Consument en Veiligheid SCV, 2003, 31 p., 5 ref.; Intern Rapport ; IR 257

Samenvatting This report gives an account of an expert meeting held in the Netherlands on 7th November 2002. The purpose of this meeting was to develop recommendations for activities aimed at promoting bicycle helmet use by children, and to achieve a very strong support for these recommendations. The expert meeting focused on how bicycle helmet use by children can be promoted, and not so much on the necessity of using them. A number of recommendations for interventions to promote bicycle helmet use by children are presented, for instance: choose an integral and integrated approach, meaning those activities aimed at promoting the purchase and use of bicycle helmets should be included within existing publicity about (traffic) safety; and the central message should be to make bicycles safer for children.
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