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Development and test of an intelligent vehicle prototype.
C 23014 (In: C 22454 CD-ROM) /91 / ITRD E115067
Bertozzi, M. Broggi, A. & Fascioli, A.
In: From vision to reality : proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Turin, Italy, 6-9 November 2000, 8 p., 14 ref.

Samenvatting This paper presents the current status of the ARGO Project, whose main target is the development of an active safety system and an automatic pilot for a standard road vehicle. First the ARGO project is briefly described along with its main objectives and goals; then the autonomous vehicle prototype and its functionalities are presented. An overview of the computer vision algorithms for the detection of lane markings, generic obstacles, leading vehicles and pedestrians is given.
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