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AWARE : a forward collision warning and avoidance radar system.
C 22980 (In: C 22454 CD-ROM) /91 / ITRD E114767
Lind, H. Saroldi, A. Lofving, B. Kamel, M. & Delaval, G.
In: From vision to reality : proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Turin, Italy, 6-9 November 2000, 10 p., 6 ref.

Samenvatting This paper describes the AWARE (Anti-collision, Warning and Avoidance Radar Equipment) project funded by the European Commission Fourth Framework Esprit program. The main target of the project is to develop a state of the art radar prototype sensor and system suitable for a Collision Warning and Avoidance (CW/A) application on extra urban roads. The radar utilises a new scanning principle allowing overhead and ground object classification to minimise the number of false alarms. It also uses path prediction based on stationary objects and other vehicle movements. The system selects the highest danger obstacle at a given situation. When necessary the driver is warned via light and sound and, in an imminent danger situation, the vehicle is automatically retarded. Two demonstrator vehicles have been constructed and are presented on the ITS2000 conference vehicle exhibition in Torino.
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