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New sensor for Stop & Go : innovative approach to pedestrian recognition.
C 22976 (In: C 22454 CD-ROM) /83 /91 / ITRD E114763
Lages, U.
In: From vision to reality : proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Turin, Italy, 6-9 November 2000, 4 p., 7 ref.

Samenvatting The next generation of ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) will include the first approach towards safety systems, which are based on object recognition in the near frontal area of the vehicle. In order to realise a full automatic stop & go functionality with respect to acceleration and deceleration up to 0 km/h, it is necessary to detect incoming objects - mainly pedestrians - from the sides. In this publication a new sensor for stop & go and first results in public traffic are presented. The developed sensor is a laser rangefinder with a high resolution in distance and angle, which allows the identification of small objects especially in the near field from 0 m up to 40 m within an opening angle of up to 180 degrees. The main advantage of this sensor is the measurement of relative velocity of all objects in lateral and longitudinal direction, which directly leads to a prediction of critical stop & go situations because of the trajectories of the tracked objects.
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