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Evaluation of human factors of smart cruise systems using a driving simulator : assessment of service timing of information provision.
C 22963 (In: C 22454 CD-ROM) /83 /91 / ITRD E114750
Yokochi, K. Iwao, M. Suetomi, T. & Nakano, O.
In: From vision to reality : proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS, Turin, Italy, 6-9 November 2000, 7 p., 3 ref.

Samenvatting Smart Cruise System is designed to prevent accidents by providing information and warnings, and providing operation support for the drivers. It is, therefore, necessary to check the effectiveness of the service based on driver responses to information provided. It is particularly important to check if the system works effectively enough for drivers including elderly drivers with deteriorated driving skills. In this paper, danger situations were created using a driving simulator, experiments of providing the service using the Smart Cruise Systems were carried out, and the effectiveness of information provision for elderly drivers analysed. The analysis was conducted through comparison with the driving behaviours of other drivers in general.
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