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Arrive alive : how to keep drunk and drugged drivers off the road.
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Mann, P.
New York [etc.], McGraw-Hill, 1985, XIV + 497 p., 44 ref.; revised edition - ISBN 0-07-039908-5

Samenvatting This book presents many of the best plans, programs and new legislation being used in towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. and which could be adapted or adopted by individuals or groups in any community. The book deals with some of the factors impacting on highway injury and death such as seat belts, speed limits, etc, and focuses on the drunk driver and the pot-high driver as well as the driver high on marijuana and alcohol. The book is divided into 2 parts. The first explores the problem and the second deals with solutions. The second part of the book describes the enlisting of media aid in fighting the problem, countermeasures involving legal action, alcohol related actions, drug-related actions, the educational route, and funding for citizen action. (Author/publisher)
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