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Evaluation of the 1992-1996 Transport Accident Commission funded accident blackspot treatment program in Victoria.
C 22676 [electronic version only] /82 / ITRD E206040
Newstead, S. & Corben, B.
Clayton, Victoria, Monash University, Accident Research Centre MUARC, 2001, VIII + 58 p., 16 ref.; MUARC Report ; No. 182 - ISBN 0-7326-1481-3

Samenvatting This report presents the results of an evaluation of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) funded Accident Black Spot Program, implemented between 1992 and 1996. More than 550 hazardous locations throughout Victoria were treated at a cost of $85 million. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the TAC-funded program in terms of reductions in casualty crashes and casualty crash costs at treated locations, and the economic worth of treatments. The evaluation addressed the economic impacts on the community and examined effectiveness by treatment type. The results showed the Program has been effective overall, yielding positive outcomes for the community. In summary, the Program has reduced reported casualty crash numbers by 26.4 percent, and has reduced casualty crash costs to the community by 29.6 percent. Over its full life, the program was estimated to deliver safety benefits to the community 4.1 times program costs, rising to 5.1 times the program costs if seven high-cost treatments, funded within the program for reasons in addition to poor casualty crash record alone, are excluded. Expressed differently, the Program was estimated to achieve a net present worth of $274 million for the community or $277 million if the seven high-cost sites are excluded from the evaluation. Evaluation of the program has identified some treatment types that were highly successful, while others seem to have been unsuccessful or have not been shown to be successful because of insufficient numbers of sites having undergone these treatment types in the program. The results of the evaluation provide a reliable and objective basis for enhancing strategies for future investment in road infrastructure safety. (Author/publisher)
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