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ESV '01 Government of Canada Status Report.
C 21780 (In: C 20346 CD-ROM) /10 /81 /83 /91 / ITRD E112724
Sweet, D.
In: Proceedings of the seventeenth International Technical Conference on Enhanced Safety of Vehicles ESV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 4-7, 2001, 8 p.

Samenvatting Over the past 25 years, fatalities resulting from motor vehicle collisions have decreased by over 50%, with a decrease of 5% in the last 3 years. Proposals to reduce this figure further include increased safety belt use, proper use of child restraints, reduced alcohol abuse, and more attention to rural road safety. Research topics described include: the use of electronic data recorders to analyse collisions; a vehicle use survey; a system for technological applications in road safety (STARS); crash classification and target groups; rollover crashes; adaptive cruise control; school bus-pedestrian collision countermeasures; light duty vehicle anti-lock brake systems; intelligent transport systems; frontal crash protection; side impact protection; and occupant restraint fitment. A new requirement for the installation of lower anchorages to secure child seats in vehicles is imminent. The body panel joint strength requirement for school buses has been upgraded. Fuel system safety requirements for alternatively fuelled vehicles are under revision. Future legislation plans are described.
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