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Government Status Report : Australia.
C 21779 (In: C 20346 CD-ROM) /10 /82 /83 /83 /91 / ITRD E112723
Seyer, K.
In: Proceedings of the seventeenth International Technical Conference on Enhanced Safety of Vehicles ESV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 4-7, 2001, 5 p.

Samenvatting Recent increases in Australian road fatalities are attributed to male drivers. The female and pedestrian fatality rates had decreased compared with previous years. The National Road Safety Strategy is described and a target of reducing the fatality rate by 40% by 2010 is stated. Measures to achieve this include safer highway design and treatment of black spots, improved vehicle occupant protection, technology to reduce human error, and improved road user behaviour. International harmonised research activities, intelligent transport systems, vehicle safety regulations, and future plans are outlined.
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