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Speed : a motive-oriented drug prevention program for drug-impaired drivers.
C 21674 (In: C 21670 S) /83 / ITRD E206929
Freund-Kurtzahn, A. & DeVol, D.M.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Road safety in Europe', Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, September 21-23, 1998, VTI Konferens No. 10A, Part 4, p. 85-92

Samenvatting The pilot project SPEED (Safety by Prevention: Experience with and Engagement against Drugs) is a group counselling measure for drivers who have been identified as consumers of so called soft drugs (cannabis and in some exceptional cases amphetamines and their derivatives). The main aim of the group counselling is strict and long-term drug abstinence. This pilot project is an initiative of the RWT_V in co-operation with the Road Traffic Licensing Department (RTLD) in Wesel. Taking part in the group counselling, which takes seven months, is at the time being the only alternative to the commonly ordered medical-psychological aptitude test (MPU). The open discussions, exercises, and homework within the group focus on individual motives of drug consumption and alternative behaviour patterns in everyday life. The centre piece of the group work is the so called drug poster, which is designed as a 'drug-collage'. With the help of a preliminary psychological test it is decided whether the candidate fits into the program. Within the seven month period of group counselling three drug- screenings take place at random points of time. During and of course after having successfully completed SPEED the participants are allowed to keep their drivers license. (Author/publisher)
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