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Driving aptitude of chronic cannabis consumers : some general aspects and results of a discussion by experts.
C 21673 (In: C 21670 S) /83 / ITRD E206928
Becker, S. Friedel, B. & Joó, S.
In: Proceedings of the conference `Road safety in Europe', Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, September 21-23, 1998, VTI Konferens No. 10A, Part 4, p. 61-75, 22 ref.

Samenvatting Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug. Acute intoxication through cannabis presents a problem with regard to traffic law, namely that of ascertaining situation-dependent driver incapacity. In the case of persons who consume cannabis at intervals over a longer period of time, however, the main problem is assessing driving aptitude terms of the capability, not related to specific time or situation, of driving a vehicle, i.e. in the sense of a personal characteristic. Controversial legal discussions and diverging court decisions necessitate a clarification of the facts by experts. In this connection the Federal Highway Research Institute invited a number of experts for a discussion of this area. The discussion group was made up of jurists, psychologists, toxicologists, physicians and sociologists. The aim of the discussion was to formulate statements on the driving aptitude of chronic cannabis consumers. Consideration was given to medical, psychological and legal aspects of the issue. The experts came to the conclusion that the heterogeneous group of cannabis consumers could be divided into sub-groups, the members of which differed in the impairment of their physical and mental fitness and their willingness to separate their cannabis consumption from driving. Consequences relating to driving aptitude can be drawn from this. (Author/publisher)
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